The trade buzz surrounding Donovan Mitchell and the Utah Jazz has taken a bit of a back seat over the past week or so. The Jazz seem to be having difficulty trying to find a trade partner for the All-Star shooting guard given their steep asking price. Well, that all changed on Thursday thanks to a rather cryptic tweet from Mitchell.

Mitchell sent out a simple four-word tweet that actually seemed pretty innocent. Nevertheless, it did not stop fans from speculating that a deal with the New York Knicks had already been agreed upon.

All Mitchell said in his tweet was that “god is good.” It did not say anything about a possible trade, nor did it strongly suggest that a deal has been done. Nevertheless, the comments section was filled with fans suggesting that the 25-year-old's cryptic message was an indication of his looming move to New York.

Several comments point back to a report by sports radio host Patrick Kinahan of Utah radio station KSL Sports Zone 97.5 FM. According to the report, Donovan Mitchell's move to the Knicks is now a “done deal:”

According to the report — one that we are unable to verify from our end as of writing — the Jazz are set to take home a “haul” in the trade deal. This isn't surprising at all given how Utah has been dead set on getting as much value as they can for their cornerstone superstar, as well as the fact that the Knicks have had their eye on Mitchell for quite some time now.