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Coach in LaVar Ball’s league curses at, shoves player

LaVar Ball

LaVar Ball’s JBA league is off to an interesting start.

It’s one thing for a coach to be tough on his players, but this is another situation entirely. In this clip, the Chicago Ballers coach, Edward Denard clearly crosses the line. After shoving Montrell Dixson multiple times, Denard continues to get into Dixson’s face and even headbutts him at one point.

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out when and where a coach crosses the line when it comes to disciplining a player. This is not one of those times. Denard crosses multiple lines. Continually challenging Dixson to square up with him is one thing. The shoving and headbutt is another thing entirely.

Denard’s complete lack of professionalism is on full display in this clip. Perhaps that’s why he’s coaching in LaVar Ball’s JBA league.

Ball’s JBA wasn’t a bad idea in itself, but it’s looking worse and worse by the day. Whether it’s LaMelo and LiAngelo dominating the weak competition or a coach physically attacking one of his players, the league looks like a total circus. If it wasn’t already enough of a joke, every team is nicknamed Ballers.

The funny thing is, the JBA sounds like a halfway decent idea. It’s a chance for young kids to get played to play basketball. Maybe some kids who were overlooked throughout their career could catch the eye of a scout or a team.

But instead, it’s devolved into coaches showing why no one else would be dumb enough to put them in charge of a team