Former Atlanta Hawks standout Jeff Teague didn't mind teams running up the score to qualify for the knockout round of the in-season tournament. He spoke about it during an interview on FanDuelTV's hit show Run It Back.

Jeff Teague's comments came after the Boston Celtics repeatedly fouled Andre Drummond intentionally to force him to shoot free throws. Although the Celtics were already up by 32 points, they wanted to increase their chances of winning by a wide enough margin to satisfy the point differential needed to advance to the Knockout Round.

Bulls head coach Billy Donovan was so perplexed by it that he stepped out to talk to Celtics coach Joe Mazulla about what he was doing.

When asked by NBA Insider Shams Charania if he would've been upset if he was a player on the Bulls, Teague said, “I wouldn't have been mad. I mean, you gotta make free throws. Straight up. You could have had 20 points. Even sticking with this whole in-season tournament thing, the Hawks pulled their starters last night and the Cavs kept theirs in kind of running up the score.”

Teague's assertion is correct about the Cavalier's dominant win over the Hawks. Although the Cavaliers didn't make the final bracket for the knockout round, they definitely ran up the score on the Hawks as they beat them 128-105.

Now that the teams have qualified for the tournament, we're in for some compelling basketball.