It's been a dismal year for the New York Jets, and Sunday was only the thumbnail of how the season has come and gone for the franchise. After being within striking distance of their first win of the season, the Jets were once again put to shame at the hands of the Las Vegas Raiders. As a result, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was officially relieved of his duties on Monday morning.

Head coach Adam Gase was the one that ultimately pulled the trigger on Williams' time with New York, and Gase elaborated briefly on his decision on Monday:

With Gase apparently calling some of the shots now, who's to say what will truly become of the Jets. The irony of the situation is with Gase being possibly on the hot seat himself when the season ends. The Jets were set to walk away with their first win of the season on Sunday, similar in fashion to their outing against the New England Patriots with time winding down.

Those dreams were shot down against the Raiders after Derek Carr slung a 46-yard touchdown pass to Henry Ruggs. While the outcome is nothing different from what's occurred throughout the season for the Jets, there was an obvious glare in Williams' defensive play-calling after opting for a blitz coverage with seconds remaining in the game.

The Jets have four games remaining on the schedule, all of which will come against formidable opponents. Whether or not they can walk away with at least one win will remain up for question. Their next test will unfortunately come against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 14.