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Executive claims Sam Darnold has more potential than Dak Prescott


The quarterback position is one of the most important positions in football, and some New York Jets fans are questioning whether Sam Darnold is the man for them. One team executive argued that the Jets should stick with their young quarterback instead of going for another talented pass-caller like Dak Prescott.

One of the league executives talked about the upcoming free agency and the possibility of getting one of the premier free-agent quarterbacks available. According to Sports Illustrated’s Kristian Dyer, former executive Marc Ross pointed out that Darnold’s ceiling is high. What they need to do is focus on helping him develop throughout his rookie contract.

“Definitely. I think Sam just has more natural playmaking ability than Dak,” Ross said.

“Maybe not as consistent right now but Dak, to me, is if you need to go win a game, he’s not that caliber quarterback where Sam Darnold has shown flashes of that. And I believe still has potential to be that guy.”

Darnold has not performed to the lofty standards expected of a third overall pick, but he’s been a decent QB for the Jets. He finished with 3024 passing yards, 19 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. He missed three games due to mono, and it was obvious during the season that he wasn’t able to get comfortable enough to dominate with the Jets.

Meanwhile, Prescott is a respected passing talent. However, there’s no way that the Dallas Cowboys will be giving up on their quarterback and will match whatever offer is thrown his way. The best move for the Jets is to focus on developing Darnold for the remainder of his rookie deal.