To say that Zach Wilson has been disappointing for the New York Jets is a massive understatement. The former second-overall pick is arguably the only player that has not looked good despite the team's success this year. The final straw seemingly came in Week 11, when Wilson refused to take responsibility for the three-point outing from the offense.

Zach Wilson immediately earned the ire of Jets players, fans, and even a couple of ex-NFLers. One of the people that eviscerated Wilson was former QB Dan Orlovsky. Orlovsky called Wilson's comments pathetic, while also implying that Wilson had some insecurities.

Orlovsky's initial tirade was harsh, but the rest of his statements are generally true. The quarterback is generally looked at as the leader of a team. And as a leader, you are often going to take the hit for your teammates. Wilson's bold declaration that he didn't let the Jets defense down and also implying that wind was a factor is the opposite of taking accountability.

Zach Wilson simply hasn't showed that he's capable of carrying the Jets to wins when they need to. Their defense has played out of their minds in the last few weeks. Their running attack has also been potent. Unfortunately, they are hamstrung by Wilson's inability to be consistent in the pro level.

With the Jets banging on the door of a potential playoff spot, the team might be emboldened to make some drastic decisions at the QB position. Will they bench Zach Wilson in favor of a different QB to have a better chance of winning?