Jets news: Le'Veon Bell opens up on relationship with coach Adam Gase
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Le’Veon Bell gives the skinny on his relationship with Jets head coach Adam Gase

Le'Veon Bell, Adam Gase, Jets

When Adam Gase was hired by the New York Jets in 2019, there was rumored to be a rift between Le’Veon Bell and the team’s new head coach. However, during an interview on Hot 97 Radio, Bell shared what his relationship with Gase is truly like.

“I’ve never played for an offensive-minded coach,” Bell recently explained to Hot 97 radio, via Jets Wire. “So I’ve talked to him more than any other coach that I’ve ever talked to in my life.

“So I don’t get how people get that relationship thing – it must have been a rumor before I got there. But since I got there, me and him don’t have no problems.”

Throughout the 2019 season, there were whispers that Bell and Gase didn’t see eye-to-eye. It got to the point where there were rumors that the Jets could trade Bell before he even finished his first year with the franchise. Although, following the trade deadline, Gase refuted the rumors that New York considered trading the All-Pro running back.

For Bell, he would have the worst season of his career in 2019. In his debut season with the Jets, Bell finished with a career-worst 3.2 yards per attempt on 245 carries. He also concluded the season with a career-low three rushing touchdowns.

At the very least, New York is attempting to put Bell in a better position to succeed in 2020, strengthening the offensive line in free agency and in the draft. Still, even in his second season at the helm, Gase is likely going to be on the hot seat once the season gets underway. Given that, while Bell and Gase have a close relationship right now, it remains to be seen if that holds true as the 2020 season rolls along.