The New York Jets have achieved one of their goals this season. They will be playing meaningful football games in the month of December. But coach Robert Saleh claimed he’s not laser focused on the Jets making the playoffs for the first time since 2010.

“Too much crap to do, man,” a laughing Saleh quipped when asked Wednesday about the playoff hunt.

“There’s a lot of tape to watch and then when I’m not watching tape, I’ve got seven blessings (children) and a beautiful wife to deal with. So, there’s not enough time to look at things you don’t have control over.”

Saleh did admit that sometimes he thinks ahead to what could be. Plus, his kids ask him about making the playoffs. But he’s focused more on the day to day and has stressed to his players since Day 1 the importance of playing a “championship game” each week.

“You acknowledge it, you know it,” Saleh explained. “None of it matters at the end of the day. You’ve got to quickly refocus back to what’s important.”

At 7-4, the Jets hold one of the Wild Card spots in the AFC. They have not reached the playoffs since the 2010 season. They won six games combined the past two seasons.

The Jets are 4-1 on the road. They have impressive road wins at Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Denver. Four of their final six regular-season games are on the road, including Sunday when they visit the 9-2 Minnesota Vikings.

“They’re damn good. There’s a reason why they have the record they have,” Saleh said of the Vikings. “They’ve beaten everybody in our division … so, it’s going to be a challenge.”

But no bigger challenge than turning around a struggling franchise as quickly as Saleh has. And maybe not as big a challenge as not allowing yourself to think ahead to the Jets possibly securing their first playoff berth in 12 seasons.