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Zach Wilson’s Jets teammates give honest reaction to QB’s debut in Week 1 loss

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Zach Wilson may have not won his NFL debut with the New York Jets, but he definitely impressed his teammates in the Week 1 loss to the Carolina Panthers. Early on, he’s already proving to be a mature player who could be the ultimate leader at this level. Via AP Sports:

“He’s a tough dude,” wide receiver Corey Davis said. “I mean, he got hit a lot and just to see him, how he reacted, there was no frustration. There was no anger. None of that. He was just poised, and, you know, he was leading us.

“Obviously, the outcome wasn’t what we wanted, but he showed a lot of heart.”

The Jets ended up losing 19-14 last Sunday, but Wilson completed 20 of 36 passes. Both of his passing TDs were caught by Davis. The former BYU star was intercepted once and also sacked a total of six times. Needless to say, the rookie took a beating.

A lot of times, a QB would look at his offensive line and get irritated that he wasn’t getting more protection. But, there was none of that from the Jets star, which really impressed one of his tackles:

“There was not one time that he looked and yelled at the offensive line for not blocking,” Moses added. “He knows it’s the NFL and guys are going to get beat sometimes and they’re going to send seven (pass rushers) instead of five or four or whatever the case is, and he has hot reads and things like that. But I think he handled it well.”

It’s just the start for Wilson, but this is definitely a great sign. After all, he was voted the Jets team captain last week, which goes to show just how much respect they have for him and his ability to be a leader at such a young age.

The best is certainly yet to come from Zach Wilson and he is fully aware there will be bumps in the road along the way.