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Jets’ Zach Wilson was seeing ghosts vs. Patriots, but there’s no reason to panic yet

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The New York Jets got routed in their Week 2 matchup versus the New England Patriots. It was an ugly game throughout as Zach Wilson continuously made mistake after mistake. After throwing four interceptions, it’s easy to compare the rookie to the Jets’ former starting quarterback Sam Darnold.

“I’m seeing ghosts out there,” was a famous phrase Darnold proclaimed while being miced up in a primetime game against the Patriots earlier in his career. After a poor four-interception performance out of Wilson, he might’ve been seeing more than just ghosts on the field.

Even so, it’s not time to panic just yet. The Jets are an incredibly young team and games like these are going to happen. Especially this early in the year. It’s also important to remember that Wilson is a rookie and it’s normal to have a game like this early on in his career. Lastly, for a rebuilding team, mistakes are part of the process of development. With that said, here are three reasons why it’s not time to worry about Zach Wilson.

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Is it time to worry about Jets’ quarterback Zach Wilson?

3. The Jets are a young team that still must develop

To put it plainly, the Jets weren’t expected to be a competitive team this season anyway. The offensive line is young and has been struggling recently. Combine that with a rookie quarterback under center and a mediocre running back core, you have yourself a struggling offense.

This won’t be the first time we see Zach Wilson and the Jets put up an embarrassing game. The New England Patriots dominated the game, making it difficult for the Jets to get back into it. The key to takeaway is that Robert Saleh will use this as a teaching moment for his young squad. Hopefully, they learn and make the proper adjustments down the road.

2. Zach Wilson had a bad case of the rookie jitters

After the first interception, Zach Wilson clearly became rattled and couldn’t shake off the jitters for the rest of the game. It can’t all be his fault though, as his receivers couldn’t reel in some of their catches, and the Jets’ running game was nowhere to be seen.

The game script didn’t help New York out either, as the Patriots forced the Jets into passing situations throughout the game. Due to the poor offensive line, Wilson decided to sling it downfield on plays he probably should’ve checked down. He should bounce back from this performance, as Wilson is still adjusting to the professional level.

1. Mistakes are a part of the process

Nobody is perfect, so mistakes are bound to happen. In fact, we watched Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields struggle in Week 2 as well. Mistakes are part of the developmental process. As long as Wilson learns from these mistakes, we should see him progress nicely as the year goes on.

For now, Jets fans shouldn’t hit that panic button just yet. There are still 15 more games in this season, and the Jets weren’t a playoff contender anyway. Look for Zach Wilson to get more comfortable as the season goes on.