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John Wall, Wizards angered by ‘disrespectful’ Warriors in blowout loss

Winning 139-115, the Golden State Warriors extended their winning streak to 11 games on Sunday and in the process of doing so, angered the Washington Wizards.

In the final seconds of the game with the Warriors having possession of the ball, there was a slight difference between the shot clock and the game clock. Not wanting to turn the ball over, Warriors reserve big man JaVale McGee launched a corner three-pointer with the shot clock winding down. Taking offense to McGee shooting the ball when the Warriors had a 22-point lead, Wizards guard Brandon Jennings shoved the Warriors big man, earning a flagrant foul and causing the two teams to have a small fracas on the court.

After the game, the Wizards were incensed and called the Warriors “disrespectful” for breaking the NBA’s honor code of trying to score when the outcome of the game was already decided.

From the Washington Post’s Candace Buckner:

“It was very disrespectful,” Jennings said. “Thank God he didn’t go to the rack, it probably would’ve been worse for him. But a time like that, I think you should just let the clock run out.”

“It’s just a rule,” Jennings continued. “I learned it when I first came into the league not to do that. I mean, you’re already up 20 … and then for him to do it, it was kind of like ‘Come on. Chill out. Now you’re trying to embarrass us.’”

McGee wasn’t bothered by the criticism, telling ESPN.com, “I’m glad Brandon fouled me. I was going to air ball that 3. Shout out to Brandon Jennings.”

“Whenever a team is up like that, you supposedly hold the ball and take a shot clock violation,” Wall said. “So what Brandon did … I think it was the right play. You don’t let nobody try to embarrass you and I think that’s what they were trying to do.”

Added Bradley Beal: “I think any other team in the league would’ve did the same thing. That’s like a basketball rule. You don’t shoot the ball, period. You take a turnover, if anything. Especially you’re up 20 … you’re not respecting the game. You’re just joking around shooting. And a three at that. [Jennings] had every right to foul him. That’s like a golden rule in basketball.”

Buckner reports that Kerr apologized to Wizards coach Scott Brooks after the game and that he wished McGee didn’t take the shot. Brooks downplayed the incident and focused more on how poorly the Wizards played against the Warriors.

Overall though, this is much ado about nothing, especially since, unless the Wizards and Warriors meet in the NBA Finals, the two teams won’t play each other again this season. So any bad blood that the Wizards may have for the Warriors, will have to wait till next season. Perhaps by then, cooler heads will prevail.

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