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Julius Randle’s wife: Kendra Shaw

Julius Randle's wife, Kendra Shaw

Julius Randle’s career skyrocketed in the 2020-21 NBA season. Thought of as a good, solid starter in the league, Randle took his game to new levels in his second season with the New York Knicks. Along with making his first ever all-star team, the Knicks’ forward was also named an All-NBA Second Team member. It hasn’t always been easy for Randle, the Lakers drafted him with the No. 7 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft and in his rookie debut, he broke his leg against the Rockets just 14 minutes into the contest. Fast forward to now though, and he’s a rising star with plenty of zest to his game.

One constant in Randle’s life that’s always been by his side since they met, his wife Kendra Shaw. The two met in college and were college sweethearts. While Randle gets a lot of the spotlight playing for the Knicks in New York City (and rightfully so), the focus of this piece will be on Julius Randle’s wife, Kendra Shaw.

Julius Randle’s wife: Kendra Shaw

Julius Randle's wife, Kendra Shaw, Julius Randle

Kendra Shaw runs and owns her own apparel brand called “Kalore.” Based out of New York City, the company specializes in women’s clothing including pants, suits and tops. In the description about the brand and herself on the website, it states:

Welcome to Kalore. Our New York City fashion brand was created to empower women to feel sexy, confident and fierce. Our premiere collection boasts a palette of vibrant colors, smooth neutrals and comfortable fabrics to express your current mood.

A small-town girl from Kentucky and raised by a single mother, our founder and CEO, Kendra Randle is living a life she only dreamed of. Upon finishing college for fashion design and merchandising, she took time to support her husband while he pursued his NBA career. They’ve lived in Los Angeles, Dallas, and now call New York City home.

Talk about a win-win situation for the Randle’s, Julius is helping inject life into the Knicks once again by getting them to the playoffs while Kendra has launched her own apparel brand in arguably the best city in the world to do so.

Together, the couple has a son, Kyden Randle, who went viral on numerous occasions during the 2020-21 Knicks season.

Kendra shared some thoughts via her instagram on Kyden’s 4th birthday.

“My sweet baby boy. Where has time gone? I can’t believe you are 4 years old. I love being your mommy and I’m so proud of the smart, sweet boy you are. Mommy and daddy got you forever. Happy 4th birthday my Kyden Jay.”

The young fella is just 4-years-old and has already gained mass popularity. Kyden is about to have to share that spotlight though as Kendra and Julius announced in June that they are expecting their second child.

As for the couple themselves, Julius and Kendra were college sweethearts who stayed with it after their time at Kentucky. Julius proposed to Kendra in June of 2016 in Greece.

“6/20/16 the best night of my entire life. I couldn’t have painted a better picture. Words can’t describe the way I’m feeling and how I felt in that moment. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I can’t wait to spend forever with you.” – Kendra Randle after Julius’ proposal.

The two married in August of 2017 with plenty of family and friends in attendance. Two of Randle’s then teammates, Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson (all on the Lakers at the time) decided to give an unannounced speech, via the LA Times.

“There were times when me and Jordan were saying we were trying to take him to a strip club,” Nick Young said. “And he didn’t go…He’s a good one.”

Seeing Young and Clarkson go up to grab the mic when it wasn’t planned likely had Randle a tad nervous but it was all good vibes on the wedding day for Julius and Kendra Randle.

With Julius’ career taking off in New York and a potential big extension coming in the next year or so, one thing that is certain is that Knicks fans hope the Randle family is around for the long haul. With Kendra starting her own apparel line and Kyden taking the fan base by storm, it’s likely that the feeling is mutual.

As you can see, the Randle’s are a tight-knit bunch that constantly bring good energy to the table. And now you know a lot more about Julius Randle’s wife, the one behind it all, Kendra Shaw (Randle). A wife, a mother, a successful entrepreneur.