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Kanye Selling His Kobe Shirt from Mamba’s Final Game

Kobe Bryant, Lakers, Kanye West

Kanye West considers himself a creative fellow, and dabbles in fashion quite often. It won’t take much to find him showing his touch off in his own personal wardrobe.

Not long ago the Los Angeles Clippers revealed a new team mascot, and shortly after Kanye asked owner Steve Ballmer if he could re-design their mascot on twitter.

Last Wednesday Kanye found himself in a floor seat to watch Kobe Bryant’s final game of his career, and instead of sporting any kind of team gear, he decided to put together his own personally designed shirt. He gave it a name called the”I Feel Like Kobe” shirt which is written on the front pocket area, and a few descriptive phrases on the back in Old English lettering.

The best part, if you weren’t able to get into the expensive memorabilia spree from that night, you can own one now as Kanye has decided he’ll share his long sleeved creation with you for $65.

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This can only be purchased on Kayne’s website and are available now.