Kentucky basketball has had some down years recently as other programs have skyrocketed to elite status across college basketball. However, the Wildcats have made a major move to put themselves back into the limelight, as Kentucky basketball will be the first ever school to be sponsored by the Nike Kobe Bryant brand, reports Legion Hoops.

“BREAKING: Kentucky is expected to become the first Nike Kobe sponsored basketball school.”

This is major news for Kentucky basketball, as there is no doubt that wearing the Nike Kobe Bryant brand will help them land recruits. In recent years where college basketball has seen a lot more parity, this could help put Kentucky basketball back at the top.

It would come as no surprise to see this move lead to more schools trying to become an offical Nike Kobe school. The Nike Kobe signature shoes are easily one of the most popular styles across the basketball world, so being officially sponsored by them will be a huge draw for college athletes.

Kentucky basketball in general is looking to bounce back next year after a pretty disappointing season. The tough thing is that the SEC in general has gotten a lot better over the last few years, as schools like Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and Auburn have built really strong basketball programs in recent seasons.

Becoming a Nike Kobe school is a big move by Kentucky that could lead them back to dominance. Nevertheless, this will all remain to be seen until the Wildcats start performing like they used to on the court.