Kenyon Martin was bragging about his BIG3 team in recent press conference
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Kenyon Martin was bragging about his BIG3 team in recent press conference

Kenyon Martin

Throughout his NBA career, Kenyon Martin has not been a player known for being timid and quiet. He has always been comfortable in speaking his mind on and off the court and has made a name for himself as someone who is proud of what he has achieved.

That is still the case until now, and he once again showed it when he made it known what he thinks of his Big3 League team Trilogy, who are currently 6-0 and leading the standings. In a press conference, the former top overall pick in the 2000 NBA Draft, talked about liking the idea of being chased by all the other participating teams. He also added that he feels they are the team to beat, as they have a complete lineup, capable of winning the league’s inaugural season.

The Rick Mahorn-coached squad is made up of Martin, Al Harrington, James White, Dion Glover and Rashad McCants, who was the first pick of the Big3 Draft. They have been rolling over the competition so far, and are averaging double-digit margins of victories through six games so far. They are already a lock for a playoff spot and are considered the favorites for the championship.

Should everything go according to plan for Martin and company, they are poised to make history, and could even win it all with a perfect record. However, it won’t be easy from here on out, as teams are starting to prepare for them even more, and now have an idea how they play as a team after playing them in the regular season. One thing that can be expected though is if Trilogy wins the title, it won’t be the last time fans will hear from Martin and how proud he is of his team.