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Nets star Kevin Durant is determined to remind the basketball world of his greatness

The last time we saw Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant he was attempting to hobble through an NBA Finals game against the Toronto Raptors. The 10-time All-Star didn’t have to play, he could have played it safe and put his own health before the team but Durant went out there to play.

Now it’s been 18 months since Kevin Durant last played a real NBA basketball game. The Nets big man is ready to hit the court.

On the daily Locked On Nets Podcast, hosts Doug Norrie and Adam Armbrecht discuss Kevin Durant and Steve Nash’s interviews at Nets Media Day and noticed that Durant had a certain vibe about him, he’s just ready to finally play basketball again.

Doug Norrie: If I’m reading the tea leaves from this interview, I’m thinking he’s a Jimmy Butler-type player, where he (Kevin Durant) just wants to know when the game starts. That’s the sense I really got from this interview. The most telling part, when someone asked him… if he had developed any hobbies while he was rehabbing the Achilles because there was a point when he couldn’t even walk he was around going around on a scooter. So he’s walking around on the scooter and they asked him, did you develop any hobbies? He kind of just stopped for a minute and it was probably the longest pause he took during the day. Then he said, ‘no, I was just focused.’ It was almost like he couldn’t believe that he didn’t because it was like it was almost like in that in that split second that you saw him thinking about it. He was thinking about those three months where he couldn’t walk, he thought back on those three months or whatever it ended up being and thought to himself what did I do there.

I think he (Kevin Durant) just looked back on that time and said to himself, ‘man, I didn’t develop any hobbies.’ I don’t think there was any regret in his eyes at all. He just said, ‘I’m just here to hoop and I’m just here to win.’ This is an apex predator type kind of guy. This is the Jimmy Butler type. This is the LeBron type. This is that group of dudes who just only exist to ‘effing crush you. They see that as the reason they were put on this earth. I didn’t need to really be convinced of that, but it was a nice reminder.