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Kevin Garnett sees a special type of hunger in Bucks’ Thon Maker

Thon Maker
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Longtime Minnesota Timberwolves great Kevin Garnett walked away impressed after a day of tutoring some of the young Milwaukee Bucks earlier this month.

“I’ll be honest: Giannis (Antetokounmpo) and Thon Maker’s focus and appetite is what I took away was greater then great. They just want to be better,” said Garnett in his new show on NBATV: KG’s Area 21. “Thon Maker being a gym rat. Giannis seeking all types of influence and information. Jabari doing the same thing.”

“I guess for me, I’m looking at these kids and the biggest question is the appetite. I wonder with these young kids today what their appetite is. For me, that tells you who they are: the work ethic, wanting to be better.”

Maker, of Australian and Sudanese nationality, has often been compared to Garnett, and sees the 40-year-old rangy power forward as a player he’d like to emulate.

Perhaps one of their biggest similarities is their passion for the game, which has been one of Garnett’s biggest trademarks since the start of his career, as well as Maker’s approach to his play.

“Thon Maker? Shout out to Thon out there, shout to Jabari (Parker) and shout to the Bucks,” said Garnett. “Thon Maker, he was refreshing. Just having an appetite and being in there, ‘I want to work on this’. I gave (advice) to him. Thon, I’m looking for you coming soon. Seriously.”

Despite not being able to garner many minutes under head coach Jason Kidd (made only eight appearances this season); Maker has impressed with his versatile skill set, even more so with plays like this one where he dropped Chris “Birdman” Andersen with a swift crossover move.

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With the tutelage of one of the NBA’s most versatile big men in Garnett, it won’t be long until Thon Maker hones his game and takes it to the next level.

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