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Kings slapped with harsh reality by Matt Barnes after Luke Walton firing

Matt Barnes De'Aaron Fox Luke Walton Kings

The Sacramento Kings are in a state of flux. However, that hasn’t really been anything that fans aren’t already used to.

The Kings got rid of their head coach in Luke Walton after yet another subpar start to the season. However, the move hasn’t sparked the flame that fans hoped as they fell to a Philadelphia 76ers team on Monday night that was missing Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris, and Seth Curry.

NBA analyst and former Kings forward Matt Barnes was vocal on where the team’s struggles lie. He didn’t mince words when he pointed the blame at team management.

“It’s always to point blame at the coach because it’s his team,” said Barnes. “But at the end of the day, obviously a lot of the responsibility on the players, but I put even more responsibility on management. This team hasn’t been good in a long time.”

Barnes had two stints in Sacramento – one in 2016-17 and another all the way back in the 2004-05 season. The year after that was the last time they made the playoffs, 15 seasons ago.

“I think small market teams have to do a few different things to stay relevant in this league,” Barnes continued. “One is draft really well – and the Kings haven’t necessarily drafted well. And if you happen to miss on the draft, you have to make a move. They’ve been sitting on Marvin Bagley, the number two pick. They’ve got to trade him away and get some assets if you’re not going to play him.”

The Kings have been in a perpetual rebuild for what feels like forever. Players and coaches have come and gone, but the state of the team remains the same.