DeMar DeRozan joining the Sacramento Kings gives them a major boost of talent. Even as he enters his age-35 season, he should make things easier for De'Aaron Fox, Domantas Sabonis and the up-and-coming roster around them that may feature another key addition or two.

DeRozan signed a three-year deal worth $70 million, a fair price for a player of his pedigree and age. But there are several details of the contract that make it more friendly for the Kings, according to Bobby Marks of ESPN. The veteran star has incentives and bonuses that will either earn him more or allow Sacramento to save money. His final season is partially guaranteed but that amount can be raised, including to the full amount, based on how well he and/or the Kings do.

Marks writes the following: “DeRozan has a $1 million bonus each season if he is named an All-Star Game starter, reserve or replacement. DeRozan also has one of the more unique structures to a contract, including $10 million of the $25.7 million salary in the last year of his contract is guaranteed. If DeRozan is named to the All-Star team in either 2024-25 or 2025-26, the protection increases to $12 million. It will then increase to $14 million if he is named to the All-Star game in both seasons. And finally, the contract becomes guaranteed fully if DeRozan plays in at least 60 regular-season games and leads Sacramento to the Finals in either 2024-25 or 2025-26.”

DeMar DeRozan's contract with Kings features incentives for accolades

So, if the Kings don’t enjoy the high level of success they hope they can achieve with DeRozan, they could move on from him before his deal expires for less of a penalty against their cap sheet. If DeRozan somehow helps lead them to their first NBA Finals appearance since changing their name to the Kings in 1972, he deserves all of the contract's worth and then some. He would deserve his own separate beam at that point.

DeRozan making the All-Star team in the West is going to be tough, too. Fox or Sabonis are bound to make it and the Kings may not be good enough to earn more than one representative. Even if they are, it remains to be seen if DeRozan can still hold up and play at an All-Star level.

If DeRozan is still doing his thing, though, it's not crazy to imagine. Last season, he averaged 24.0 points and 5.3 assists per game on a brutal Chicago Bulls team where he had to do a lot of the heavy lifting. Being in a much better infrastructure should allow him to get easier looks and sustain his impressive numbers but with better scoring efficiency.

DeRozan's fit on the Kings is far from clean given his uncertain value off the ball and on defense. But his ability to score and make plays should enhance Sacramento's offense, making it harder for defenses to key in only on Fox, Sabonis and Malik Monk. For a franchise that rarely gets talents like these, landing DeRozan is a big-time move.