Kings news: DeMarcus Cousins, Chris Webber call out TV analyst
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DeMarcus Cousins, Chris Webber, Matt Barnes call out ‘racist’ TV analyst


Former Sacramento Kings player Matt Barnes did not miss the chance to look for All The Smoke responding to a Twitter conversation between DeMarcus Cousins and Kings TV analyst Grant Napear, who Barnes described as a “closet racist.”

Barnes replied to a Twitter interaction between Napear and Cousins, who was likely fishing for a controversial reaction by randomly checking in on Napear.

Barnes was quick to catch up to Boogie’s response to Napear, adding his grain of salt to the conversation.

Napear has had plenty of controversial statements in the past and has rubbed people the wrong way for his takes. A response like “all lives matter” was to be expected out of Napear.

Soon after Napear gave his response, he was showered with criticism from all realms of Twitter and he was left to do some damage control to explain his words:

Napear offered Cousins to call his radio show, but Boogie declined — even after asking former Kings swingman Doug Christie to help get a sound response from the longtime radio and TV voice:

Chris Webber, who played for the Kings for six and a half seasons, chimed in with his own take after the two former Kings talked it out:

Napear has built a sour reputation among black athletes in the league. He ripped Cousins soon after the big man was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans, calling him a “dark cloud” that hovered over the franchise.

The radio voice did so again in 2019 when Cousins blasted the Toronto Raptors fan base for cheering while Kevin Durant went down to a torn Achilles in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Napear called Cousins the “rudest, crudest, most vile player that I have ever been around in my 31 years in the NBA.”

Yet he claimed to let all that hatred out a long time ago:

It seems these two won’t ever see face to face, especially now that Barnes has drawn the line in the sand by calling Napear a closet racist.