As many have said, the Sacramento Kings were robbed of the chance to tie the game against the Golden State Warriors on Monday after a costly no-call by the officials.

To recall, the Warriors edged out the Kings 116-113 behind Stephen Curry's incredible 47-point game. Before the final buzzer sounded, though, Sacramento was still able to hoist up a shot through Kevin Huerter. The 24-year-old sharpshooter quickly got the ball off the inbound pass and jumped from behind the 3-point line for a potential game-tying triple. Unfortunately, Klay Thompson was in front of him to block the shot.

Video replays of the moment, however, showed Thompson fouling Huerter while taking the shot. There was clear physical contact, so it surprised a lot of people when the referees didn't whistle and give the Kings the freebies that could have tied things up and sent the contest to overtime.

Now, according to the NBA's L2M Report, Klay Thompson indeed should have been called for a foul in that Kevin Huerter attempt. Not to mention that Stephen Curry should have been called for a travel with 16.6 seconds left in the game.

Sure enough, it won't do anything to lessen the frustration of the Kings and their fan base. They were denied of a chance to win, and the painful part is that they have no other choice but to accept it.

Huerter himself was mad after the no-call and blasted the officials in a tweet after the game. The NBA L2M report certainly just added more to his disappointment.