Former five-time All-Star and Sacramento Kings legend Chris Webber hung up his sneakers in 2008. Given the fact that each player is eligible to be enshrined to the Hall of Fame three years after retirement, the 47-year-old has been snubbed for nearly a decade now.

For a couple of Webber's former teammates, they simply cannot fathom why the former Rookie of the Year has yet to get his name etched in the most prestigious list of the sport.

“I think he is a Hall of Famer, if you look at his numbers, if you look at his career,” former Sixth Man of the Year winner Bobby Jackson noted, via Kyle Ramos of “He didn’t win an NBA championship here in Sacramento, but he allowed us the glory and he gave us a gust of wind that we needed to be relevant.”

Winning a title is indeed one sure-fire way to get your name ahead in terms of potential Hall of Fame candidates, but it is also worth noting that there are a ton of HOF-ers that like Chris Webber, never won a chip during their decorated careers.

As for Webber's numbers, he averaged 23.5 points (on 47.3 percent shooting), 10.6 rebounds, 4.8 assists, 1.5 steals, and 1.5 blocks in seven seasons with the Kings.

To further his claim, Jackson then went on to say that in his mind, Webber “[was] one of the most talented big men I’ve ever seen with his ballhandling, his shooting, his passing and he was also a great teammate.”

Doug Christie, a four-time All-Defensive Team member and also one of the stalwarts of the golden era in Sacramento, seconded Jackson's claims.

“Undoubtedly, in my opinion, [Webber’s] a Hall of Famer, no doubt,” added Christie. “He set the tone of being unselfish and I think that speaks to who he was even more.”

Webber missed out on being enshrined to the Hall of Fame as part of the 2020 class, so he will get his next shot in 2021. Hopefully, he finally gets the call.