Kirk Cousins: 3 bold predictions for the Vikings QB in Week 11 vs. Denver
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Kirk Cousins: 3 bold predictions for the Vikings QB in Week 11 vs. Denver

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Kirk Cousins has gotten a lot of heat since signing his big contract with the Minnesota Vikings, but it seems that the team’s faith in him is finally paying off. He is playing some of the best football of his career and now his next matchup comes against the Denver Broncos in Week 11.

So will he have another big game or will he go back to the old Kirk Cousins? Let’s breakdown three bold predictions Cousins game in Week 11.

3. Cousins completes a pass to seven different receivers

It’s unclear if Adam Thielen is going to play in this game, but with the team having a bye after this game, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the team be ultra-conservative with him. During the Vikings’ win over the Dallas Cowboys in Week 10, they were without Thielen without and Cousins completed passes to seven different players, and he will do the same on Sunday.

Dalvin Cook led the team with seven receptions against the Cowboys, and no player will have more than seven receptions against the Broncos. The offense is still going to have success, it’s just going to be very spread out across the team. A real bold prediction is one of those will be to Laquon Treadwell and it will result in a touchdown.

2. Cousins completes 70 percent of his passes

On the season, Cousins is completing 69.1 percent of his passes. However, he will go above the 70 percent threshold against the Broncos. The Vikings’ offensive play calling the last month has been impressive and has led to receivers, running backs, and tight ends being wide open, which will allow Cousins to continue to capitalize.

This feels like a game where Cousins completes 26 of his 30 pass attempts or if there are more passes thrown, he ends up completing 34 out of 40 attempts. Not only should he go above a 70 percent completion rate, but he should be considerably above it, too.

1. Cousins throws two touchdowns, and the Vikings win by 13 points or more

Cousins has thrown for two or more touchdowns in five of his last six games with the only exception being his performance against the Washington Redskins. There is little reason to believe why that trend won’t continue against the Broncos. The Vikings will try to open up the Broncos’ defense and one of Cousins’ touchdowns is bound to be a deep bomb to Stefon Diggs.

During the later stages of this game, Cousins isn’t likely going to have to throw the ball a lot because the Vikings are going to win this game by a considerable margin. If you are someone who likes to throw a few bucks on a game, make sure that money is on the Vikings because they are going to win this game very comfortably.