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Derek Fisher admits he rushed into getting New York head coach job

Derek Fisher, Knicks

Ever since retiring from the NBA, Derek Fisher has been trying to make a name for himself as a coach. He’s currently coaching the Los Angeles Sparks in the WNBA and they seem to be doing well in the playoffs. However, the five-time NBA champion admitted that things didn’t go according to his plans when he called the shots for the New York Knicks back in 2014.

Fisher coached the Knicks for one and a half seasons, from 2014-15 to the middle of 2015-16. During that span, he only managed to lead the team to a total of 40 wins, which resulted in him being relieved of his duties.

D-Fish admitted that he rushed into the Knicks’ head coaching job, per ESPN’s Ramona Shelbourne.

“I was literally on the fence. Had [Phil Jackson] not called, then more than likely the pursuit of a sixth NBA championship would have called my name more than trying to go into coaching or TV at that time.”

Fisher is very close to then-Knicks President Phil Jackson, as the latter was his coach during his time as a player for the Los Angeles Lakers. So it made a lot of sense for him to accept P-Jax’s offer. However, it proved to be a wrong move, and Fisher believes he could’ve done better.

Now he’s trying to redeem himself as a coach of the Sparks, and while it’s unclear when he will be back in the NBA, one thing is for sure.

Fisher has another opportunity to lead LA to a title. Something that he was used to doing back in his playing days. And who knows? A championship victory for the Sparks could lead to another opportunity in the NBA someday.