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Enes Kanter is a Paul Heyman guy

Enes Kanter, Paul Heyman

Throughout his colorful career as a professional basketball star, New York Knicks center Enes Kanter has gained more than a few supporters along the way. One such fan is WWE personality Paul Heyman.

Speaking to Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic, Heyman recently shared his thoughts on Kanter, and how he considers himself to be a believer in the big man’s advocacies.

“I would suggest that I am not only a friend of Enes Kanter, that I am not only a fan of Enes Kanter — both as a fan and even more as a human being — I am happy to advocate on behalf of Enes Kanter on a moment’s notice on any subject for which he would like to exploit his advocacy,” Heyman said.

Kanter’s spat with the Turkish government is widely-documented, and his rather polarizing political views have earned the respect of a lot of people outside the NBA. This is exactly what Heyman is talking about here, as he seems to be prepared to share his gift of speech to the Knicks big and his convictions.

Then again, Heyman may want to stay outside the political sphere, and keep on doing what he does best. And that’s being one hell of a WWE manager/promoter/hype man.

This might actually turn out to be the best thing for both him and Kanter, as the latter seems to be dead serious on taking up a career in the WWE once his time is up in the NBA. Kanter could very well be the next “Paul Heyman guy,” and by the looks of it, Heyman’s already all in.