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Knicks owner James Dolan has a super-jacked son who will wreck you

James Dolan, Knicks

New York Knicks owner James Dolan has a super-jacked son named Quentin who is making a name for himself in the fitness world.

Quentin has more than 69,000 followers on Instagram. He provides tips and workouts on how to become swole like him:

James Dolan might want to bring his son with him to Knicks games at Madison Square Garden. Knicks fans are tired of the way Dolan has been running the franchise into the ground and religiously throw verbal barbs at him any chance they get.

If you recall, last season a fan told Dolan to sell the team. The Knicks owner heard the fan and had him banned from MSG. If Dolan has his son around more often, fans might be scared to scream things since Quentin is jacked.

Furthermore, just imagine if Quentin went toe-to-toe with Charles Oakley, who has a major beef with James Dolan. That would be a sight to see.

New York had the worst record in the NBA last season. To make matters worse, the Knicks didn’t win the draft lottery and saw Zion Williamson get drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans. The Knickerbockers got the third pick and selected RJ Barrett.

Free agency wasn’t too kind to the Knicks, as they lost Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to the other team in New York — the Brooklyn Nets. It’s gotten to the point where fans of the Knicks believe the franchise will always be putrid as long as James Dolan is running the show.