Knicks news: Marcus Morris not looking to get traded, says he's 'built for New York'
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Knicks’ Marcus Morris not looking to get traded, says he’s ‘built for New York’


Marcus Morris has been a name among trade rumors after leading the New York Knicks in scoring with 19 points per game and 3-point shooting with a 47.1% clip this season. Yet the forward isn’t looking to get traded, rather looking to test his chops in The Big Apple, a city that has welcomed him since he set foot on the court.

“I’d rather help turn this thing around,” said Morris, soon quoting former Knick Carmelo Anthony, according to Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News. “Melo said it best. Some guys are not built for New York. I’m built for New York. I’d rather be here and I’d rather help and I’d rather anchor it.”

That hasn’t kept Morris from hearing the hoopla that surrounds his name, as the most likely asset the Knicks can trade this season due to his expiring $15 million contract.

“I’m aware,” said Morris of the possibility of getting traded. “It’s part of the game. I’m going to keep saying like I said in the beginning. I love being in New York. Win, lose or draw, I’m here to try to help turn this thing around. You know, I’m not really looking to get traded. That’s just my personal opinion. That’s my approach. But this is the NBA.”

Morris is cognizant of what type of business the NBA can be. He initially expected to get a decent offer from the Boston Celtics after Kyrie Irving bolted for the Brooklyn Nets, but upon signing Kemba Walker to a max deal, that offer never came. The Knicks could lose him for nothing in free agency and can instead choose to get some draft compensation for his services, as some league executives expect him to fetch a first-round pick in a trade.