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RJ Barrett wants to get a shoutout from Drake in a song

Knicks, RJ Barrett, Drake

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to hear an NBA player’s name in a song. In fact, several players in the league have already heard their names mentioned in various rap hits. However, Knicks rookie RJ Barrett has not had this fine pleasure, and he’s calling on Drake to make it happen.

Barrett recently joined GQ for a wide-ranging interview. Amid their Q&A sort of discussion, the 19-year-old was asked if his name had been mentioned in any recent songs. He replied that it has not, but he’s asking Drake to consider it:

GQ: Has anybody dropped an RJ Barrett reference on a song yet?
Barrett: No, but I’m waiting for that day to come.

GQ: Who would you like it to be?
Barrett: My main man Drizzy. Shout me out, please.

GQ: Johnny Manziel got one, but not you?
Barrett: Okay, but Drake was wearing my jersey and posted it on Instagram. So he did do me a solid.

The Knicks selected Barrett with the No. 3 overall pick in this year’s draft. The 19-year-old played just one season at Duke under head coach Mike Krzyzewski, racking up averages of 22.6 points on 45.4 percent shooting from the field (30.8 percent from beyond the arc), 7.6 rebounds, 4.3 assists and just under one steal (0.9).

By most accounts, Barrett is a solid addition for the Knicks, who will be looking to rebound from an Eastern Conference-worst 17-65 record last season.

Whether or not he’ll get that mention from Drake remains to be seen.