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Stephon Marbury rips Knicks’ latest hire, William Wesley

Stephon Marbury, William Wesley, Knicks

Former New York Knicks star point guard Stephon Marbury isn’t a fan of the Knicks’ hiring of William Wesley.

New York hired Wesley as their new executive vice president and senior basketball adviser on Wednesday.

Marbury, upon seeing the news, blasted the move, calling Wesley “World Wide Sucker” instead of his nickname of “World Wise Wes.”

“C’mon man, c’mon. At New York Knicks, did you really just bring world wide sucker to the New York Knicks. … Really? You brought this dude here? Why? I’m a real New York Knicks fan. I’ve been a New York Knicks fan since I was a [kid]. …

“C’mon [Jim] Dolan man. You gotta be kidding me, man. You brought this dude here? Really? What’s going on man. There’s gotta be an explanation. Not him. Out of all people, you bring this dude here? You bring him to NYC? To New York? He ain’t got no credibility here. Nah.”

Wesley, a longtime friend of new team president of basketball operations Leon Rose, is known for his connections with star players around the league. He also previously worked with the club’s top coaching candidate, Tom Thibodeau.

The New York franchise has been a walking disaster for years. The last Knicks team to have a winning record and make the playoffs was the 2012-13 club led by Carmelo Anthony and head coach Mike Woodson.

The Knickerbockers are banking on Rose and Wesley to use their connections through CAA to make the organization a winner again.

However, Stephon Marbury doesn’t believe William Wesley is the man for the job.