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RUMOR: Knicks scouting second-tier free agents like Tobias Harris, Khris Middleton in playoffs

The New York Knicks are not wasting any time in building their roster for next season. A recent write-up published by Marc Berman for the New York Post details how the Knicks front office has allegedly sent out professional scouts throughout the playoffs in order to look at some potential free agent prospects.

According to an NBA source, [Knicks general manager Scott] Perry believes evaluating players during the playoffs is more important than the regular season, to witness how they perform in “high-pressure environments.” The Knicks scouting has not focused on the so-called “max” free agents but second-tier ones — for example, Khris Middleton, Tobias Harris, Nikola Vucevic — and role players — such as Indiana’s Wesley Matthews, whom the Knicks still have their eye on despite buying him out in February and allowing him to go and play for a contender.

According to Berman’s report, this type of approach is not exactly common practice among NBA teams, with most clubs opting to close shop during the postseason in terms of heavily scouting potential signings or trade targets.

However, with the Knicks looking at an extremely important, franchise-altering offseason ahead, the team are obviously pulling out all the stops here.

The Knicks have a ton of cap space and can afford to sign two max deals this summer.

Some big names such as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have been linked to New York, and as it turns out, the team are also looking at some second-tier free agents as a potential second star.