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Knicks Twitter in civil war over rumor Donovan Mitchell trade with Jazz is ‘done’

Donovan Mitchell

The Donovan Mitchell trade saga between the New York Knicks and the Utah Jazz took an intriguing turn on Thursday after reports emerged that it was a “done deal,” and that the announcement was coming “shortly.” Nothing materialized over the succeeding hours, which led to a bit of a civil war on the mean streets of Twitter.

For starters, here is the initial report from a supposed Jazz team insider. Note that this report has not been verified:

This naturally sent Knicks fans into a frenzy as they awaited the official announcement of their supposed Donovan Mitchell coup.

Several reporters then chimed in, sighting their own sources. As it turns out, there actually wasn’t much progress between the Knicks and the Jazz:

Given that there has been no official announcement — at least as of writing — we’re inclined to believe that nothing is indeed imminent in terms of Mitchell’s blockbuster trade to the Knicks. Then again, it’s also possible that the supposed deal encountered some sort of last-minute hitch, thereby causing a delay in the same. At this point, we just don’t know.

It is also worth noting, however, that Donovan Mitchell himself added fuel to the flame by coming out with a rather cryptic tweet around the same time the initial report emerged. To be fair, all he said was that “god is good,” but more than a few folks were quick to translate it as the Jazz star indicating that he was indeed headed home to New York.