Knicks video: Tim Hardaway Jr. draws up a play for New York that actually worked
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Video: Tim Hardaway Jr. draws up a play for New York that actually worked

Tim Hardaway Jr., Knicks

It looks like New York Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek took a page out of Steve Kerr’s playbook and gave it to Tim Hardaway Jr. to run.

In a game on Monday against the Charlotte Hornets, Hornacek decided to let Hardaway draw up a play for the guys on the floor. Hardaway, who finished with 17 points, was on the bench when Hornacek came to him with the idea.

Hardaway did so. From the video, it appeared that the play he drew up was a screen for Trey Burke. The play transpired exactly how Hardaway drew it up, and Burke ended up swishing a midrange jump shot with Enes Kanter’s screen assist.

View the video of the play below.

The best part of that wasn’t the made shot by Burke, but the reaction from Hardaway. He’s so excited that the play worked and the Knicks got a bucket out of it. Maybe there is a future in coaching for him if this whole NBA thing doesn’t exactly work out to him becoming the best player ever.

What’s interesting is there was absolutely no backlash or questions after the game regarding Hornacek letting one of his players draw up a play. Kerr did the same thing, which resulted in a huge uproar and some players even saying it was disrespectful.

But no word about Tim Hardaway Jr.or Hornacek. Maybe it’s because the Knicks lost that game, or that it was only one player a player drew up rather than doing so the entire game.

But be that as it may, things like this make the NBA fun and there should never be any complaints about it.