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Nasty Kobe Bryant patch auto card waited 8 years for this exact moment

Kobe Bryant patch auto card

In some circumstances, waiting only makes the inevitable so much sweeter. That same thought can be applied to unopened card packs or boxes that have a monster pull stored inside. Of course, the chances of this amazing moment happening are quite low. But for this particular breaker, it happens to be an insane card of an NBA legend – Kobe Bryant.

In a video shared by Cardporn, a break hosted by The Bullpen involved opening a box of 2013 Panini Preferred. The said card product is approximately eight years old and one of its boxes was left untouched for eight years.

The box itself contained one pack with four cards inside it. Over on eBay, the current value for this product is around $1,200 as of the moment.

As the breaker slowly reveals the card at the back, there were some signs that it was going to be an insane pull. As the card was fully shown, it was identified as a Kobe Bryant Silhouettes Patch Auto card, numbered 28 out of 35 copies.

With the full reveal of the card, the breaker loses all composure at the sight of this impressive Kobe Bryant masterpiece. The breaker also noted that this specific card has been marinating for eight years.

With the help of eBay once again, the value of this wicked pull is now at $4,350. If the recently pulled Kobe Bryant patch card grades well, it can potentially double in price.

Those who are looking for that once-in-a-lifetime pull need not look far or get the newest card sets. The old boxes that are being ignored could be the key, much like what the breakers can attest to after pulling that Kobe Bryant card out of nowhere.