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Kobe Bryant Reveals Potential Emotions In Final Game Against Jazz


Many fans have wondered how the illustrious Kobe Bryant is dealing with the approach of his final NBA game.

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For Kobe, playing the Utah Jazz in his final appearance means nothing different. He is determined to play at his most optimal level for his team.

“I won’t allow [playing my last game] to be any different,” said Kobe. Clearly, his ambition to remain professional in his final moments shows.

“To me, that is the greatest form of competition. That’s best last game you can have — a very competitive one, a physical one,” continued Kobe. “That’s the way basketball should be. In terms of the end, I don’t know, man. I really don’t think about that that much; I just like the game itself.”

In the last Lakers showing against the Utah Jazz, the Jazz handed Kobe his worst loss ever, 123 – 75. Regardless of the outcome, Kobe’s concluding moments on the court will be a sad day in basketball history.


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