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Lakers news: Lonzo Ball releases debut rap single ‘Melo Ball 1’

Lonzo Ball, lakers

While LaVar Ball continues to use his mouth to manufacture ridiculous claims, his eldest son and Los Angeles Lakers rookie guard, Lonzo Ball, would rather drop bars than make head-scratching takes. Well, not actually, since Lonzo recently just implied that Nas is not hip hop while heaping praises on some mumble rappers.

Speaking of the culture, Lonzo just released his debut rap single titled “Melo Ball 1” with artist Kenneth Paige. While the track isn’t all that bad especially for a newbie, it’s not like most folks are going to stare at each other’s eyes and think that they’re listening to the second-coming of Tupac, who is redefining the music genre upon hearing it.

We’re going to assume that Lonzo is fully aware of how some of the other NBA players before him like Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Webber, and even Kobe Bryant, had all seen their respective dabbling into the world of rapping go down in flames. But if LaVar’s confidence really does run in the family, then it’s safe to assume that nothing’s going to stop Lonzo Ball from putting out more singles in the future.

Hopefully for the Lakers, though, Lonzo won’t stray away too far from his basketball responsibilities because the last thing the team wants is a first-round pick thinking more of winning a BET Hip Hop award than winning games.