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Lakers star Anthony Davis fires back at Charles Barkley, other critics over injury-prone label

Anthony Davis, Lakers, Charles Barkley

Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis has never suffered a truly devastating long-term injury in his NBA career. However, Davis has racked up a laundry list of smaller ailments that have caused him to miss time, which has also led to some criticism of being soft and an injury-prone label. Davis dealt with multiple injuries throughout the back half of this season, including in the playoffs, and the critics were out in force.

Davis suffered a knee injury in Game 3 against the Phoenix Suns before hurting his groin in Game 4, which proved to be the death knell for the Lakers’ season. He missed Game 5 and then tried to play in Game 6 before exiting the game after only five minutes. 

Charles Barkley called Davis “Streetclothes” after he missed Game 5 and then questioned why he was allowed to play in Game 6 when he clearly wasn’t ready. Barkley isn’t the only one to poke fun at Davis’ injury history, but the Lakers star doesn’t really care what any of those people think.

Via Larry Starks and Mark Medina of USA TODAY Sports:

“I don’t have to prove nothing to anyone,” Davis said. “I’m not going to prove anything to anyone. It doesn’t matter to me. The things that everybody are saying? It comes with the territory. When you’re a player of my caliber, guys expect things from you and are going to say things about you. Whatever their reason is, it’s my job to be on the floor. I know what I go through and what I play through and what my body goes through. The front office and coaching staff know. So I don’t need to prove anything to anyone that’s outside of this Lakers organization.”

Davis certainly proved his worth last season when he dominated in the bubble to help bring the Lakers a championship. Some critics will surely make their bubble fraud jokes, but there’s no doubting a healthy Davis is one of the very best players in the world.

Davis is going to carry this injury-prone label with him, because the fact of the matter is he deals with a lot of injuries. But he’s not going to let that bother him, and he has echoed these sentiments before. He’s just going to do the best he can to help the Lakers win another title in the future.