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Lakers’ Avery Bradley explains what went wrong during time with Clippers last year

Avery Bradley, Lakers, Clippers

Avery Bradley is a respected defender in the NBA who spent a sub-par 2018-19 season with the Los Angeles Clippers before being traded out of the City of Angels. He has returned to the city with the Los Angeles Lakers and is eager to compete for the championship.

During the team’s media day, Bradley talked about his short tenure with the Clippers. He was asked about why he wasn’t able to perform up to his usual standards before being shipped off to the Memphis Grizzlies later on in the season.

He reasoned that it was more of a mental challenge for him than anything else, per Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints.

“I think it’s just my confidence. I was able to get physically and mentally in a great place,” Bradley said on what didn’t go well with the Clippers and what went well with the Grizzlies.

“I think it helped me just to go out there and play I think sometimes I even forgot that I was coming off a groin injury that I had surgery on and I was unable to work out the majority of the summer. Sometimes, you can start the season off bad, but I was able to just get in the right groove. It helped me get that confidence back.”

True enough, in 49 games with the Clippers in 2018-19, Bradley averaged 8.2 points, 2.7 rebounds and 2.0 assists. After being shipped to the Grizzlies, his averages ballooned to 16.1 points, 3.1 boards and 4.0 dimes, albeit in a relatively small sample size at 14 games in Memphis.

The Lakers will be hoping to get the Memphis version of Bradley, as they will be in a tough battle to get out of the West and compete for the NBA title.