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Lakers’ Brandon Ingram’s career goal is to be the best player in the NBA

Brandon Ingram, Lakers

Brandon Ingram has yet to develop into the overall talent that the Los Angeles Lakers believed they were drafting with the second overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. That’s not to say that Ingram has been a bust, but he has only shown flashes of star potential during his first two-plus seasons in the league.

Regardless, Ingram still has his sights set on lofty career goals. Ingram feels that he can develop into more than just another star. Ingram wants to become the best player in the league at some point in his career:

“I like to think to the highest, highest. I don’t think it’s unrealistic,” Ingram told Dave McMenamin of ESPN. “I would say my career, career goal would be the best player in this league one day.”

To be clear, this is an unrealistic expectation for Ingram. No one who has watched his career unfold to this point would feel comfortable predicting Ingram’s meteoric rise to become the best player in the league.

That being said, this is the right mindset for Ingram to have. He should feel like the sky is the limit and should continue to strive to be the best player he can possibly be. There’s little chance that he develops into the best player in the league, but it’s a good sign that he’s setting such lofty goals for himself.

This quote could cause some Lakers fans to roll their eyes, but it’s more important to focus on the mindset than the proposition of Brandon Ingram developing into the best player in the league.