The Los Angeles Lakers' recent win in the 2020 NBA Finals coincided with a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County. According to the L.A. County Department of Public Health, it is “highly likely” watch parties held by the Purple and Gold faithful along with a previously held victory celebration outside of Staples Center contributed to the uprise in numbers.

Winning the franchise's 17th title caused excitement to more than 1,000 individuals who swarmed the streets outside Staples Center on October 11 following the team's Game 6 victory over the Miami Heat. The Los Angeles Police Department also arrested 76 people for violating protocols during the Lakers’ downtown celebration.

Since early October, the average number of new daily confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the area has increased from a tally of 900 a day to 1,200 a day. The total count of cases in Los Angeles has already risen to 300,000 as the city remains to be one of the hotbeds of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in America. Basically, this isn't inherently a Lakers issue.

Another outburst of cases could be seen in Los Angeles County once again as another beloved sports team in the Los Angeles Dodgers are on the brink of winning their first World Series title in 32 years. The Dodgers currently hold a 3-2 series advantage against the Tampa Bay Rays in the best-of-seven series. With a win in Game 6, they will already be crowned as the champions while a loss will extend the series to a pivotal Game 7 encounter in Arlington, Texas.

Despite the excitement over their recent triumphs, sports fans in Los Angeles should still be reminded to celebrate responsibly in the midst of a global pandemic. Nevertheless, Lakers fans should still certainly enjoy their time on top as well.