The NBA offseason is just around the corner, and the biggest spotlight will definitely be on Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard. Amidst all the internal turmoil the Blazers have gone through ever since their playoff elimination, rumors have swirling about Dame's future, and Los Angeles Lakers fans are salivating.

The recent buzz won't do anything to stop Lakers fans from daydreaming of Dame. The Blazers star was spotted dapping up LeBron James. The two were both in attendance as the Los Angeles Sparks took on the Las Vegas Aces, and found some time to exchange pleasantries during the action.

That's one extra large smile on Lillard's face there. LeBron James probably slipped in a subtle jab on the perks of playing with the Purple & Gold. Maybe a quick elevator pitch on how good the restaurant options are in LA or how Dame could get his own Space Jam spin-off, perhaps?

But in all seriousness, if the Lakers have any way to bring Lillard over to team up with LeBron and Anthony Davis, they have to do it. That trio of stars would arguably be one of the best in NBA history, with three MVP candidates and bona fide top 10 players in the league.