Devin Booker let his frustrations get the better of him. The Phoenix Suns All-Star blatantly shoved Los Angeles Lakers guard Dennis Schroder while he was in the air.

Check out the dangerous foul down below:

The Lakers were already up large at that point in the game. They held a 10-point lead with under a minute to go, and Booker had just turned the ball over for the Suns on the other side of the floor.

With Schroder on the drive, Booker clearly let his emotions take control as he outright pushed the Lakers guard while in the air. Jae Crowder seemingly made matters worse, as he looked to catch Schroder only to retaliate with a shove of his own. Both players were eventually ejected from the contest.

Check out the damage done to the Lakers guard in another angle down below:

Not a great look for Booker and the Suns. They're now facing a 2-1 deficit after losing home-court advantage and dealing with an injured Chris Paul in the series. If Booker is put in some hot water and possibly suspended for Game 4, the Suns' chances could be slim to none.

The Lakers took Game 3 from the Suns in convincing fashion, 109-95. Game 4 will be on Sunday.