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Lakers fans getting hyped as Kyle Kuzma, Paul George both headed to Las Vegas

Kyle Kuzma, Paul George

The Los Angeles Lakers have two big priorities this offseason, try to sign LeBron James and Paul George. Lakers fans are trying to look for any hint that either of those guys might be coming to the City of the Angels, and it appears they might have one.

According to Lakers rookie Kyle Kuzma and George’s Instagram, it appears they both spent time in Las Vegas. Although the reasons for each person’s visit is unclear, is there a chance that Kuzma is trying to recruit him?

If they are actually meeting up in Sin City and talking about George coming to the Lakers, that would be news to Dean Blevins of News 9 in Oklahoma City. He was informed that George’s agent is telling people within the NBA that the All-Star swingman will be re-signing with the Thunder.

Allegedly, apparently, Paul George plans to stay with the Thunder. I know. It’s not what people believe. But in separate conversations, I’m told P.G.’s agent has told people associated with the NBA that P.G. believes the injury loss of Andre Roberson was huge and he’s staying. Disclaimer, though: Believing everything that agents allegedly say can be dangerous to your health.

George has all the options on the table right now. But if the Lakers were to miss on both George and James, that would make for a very disappointing offseason.

The Lakers have a good young core but they still seem to be a piece or two away from really competing, and George could be the perfect fit.