Lakers news: Frank Vogel describes Lonzo Ball as 'one of the most unique players' he has ever studied
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Lakers coach Frank Vogel describes Lonzo Ball as ‘one of the most unique players’ he has ever studied

Frank Vogel, Lonzo Ball, Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are tagged as one of the most dysfunctional franchises in the NBA today based on the recent events in the organization. But while the future of the Lakers remains uncertain, new head coach Frank Vogel is giving their fans something to be excited about. Vogel, who signed a multi-year contract with the Lakers earlier this month, had a good first impression with the current roster. It is already a given that LeBron James is the most important player in the franchise, but Vogel also heaped praises for young point guard Lonzo Ball.

Vogel, who had coaching stints with the Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic earlier in his career, said that Ball is “one of the most unique players” that he has ever studied in his coaching career. The 45-year-old coach said that the former UCLA standout has all the qualities to become a vital part of the franchise in the next several years.

“His ability, or his strength, of his game, is his vision and willingness to pass the basketball, to hot potato it to other teammates,” Vogel said of Ball in a video posted on the Lakers’ Twitter account. “It just falls in with how our want our whole team to play, so I’m really excited about what he can mean to us.”

Ball was drafted second overall behind Markelle Fultz in the 2017 NBA Draft. His first two seasons in Los Angeles were hit by injuries, but Vogel remains optimistic that the 21-year-old point guard will eventually make his mark in the league.