Lakers news: Jeanie Buss on Kobe Bryant's potential return to play with LeBron James
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Jeanie Buss on Kobe Bryant’s potential return to play with LeBron James

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Like all of us, Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has fantasied about the idea of newly acquired superstar LeBron James and Lakers’ legend Kobe Bryant playing together for the franchise. It would be something truly extraordinary to watch.

Recently Buss spoke out on the potential of it coming to fruition via The Weekend Podcast.

“I couldn’t twist his arm to do it. But if he wanted to, I would make sure it happened.”

James and Bryant fans have been feuding from what seems like the beginning of time, but they’d have to put their differences aside for the greater good if the two icons happened to suit up next to each other.

We can only dream of such a scenario, as Bryant retired two seasons ago and has since turned his interest to other aspects away from basketball. One of those is storytelling, something he’s always had a passion for. It has already earned him an Oscar award, and Bryant looks set to continue in that journey.

As for James, he is already in the gym and practice facility working on his game in an attempt to bring a 17th championship for the purple and gold. James put pen to paper at the beginning stages of free agency when he inked a four-year $154 million deal to join the historic franchise.

Despite some minor moves James understood that he was inheriting and largely talented but youthful squad, and the hopes of bringing more titles was seen as a long term prospect when the four-time MVP swapped Ohio for Hollywood.

It’s certain James never anticipated Bryant coming out of retirement to join him in the hopes of taking down the powerhouse Golden State Warriors, and that looks set to continue as Bryant and his wife Vanessa are enjoying their time together away from the rigorous demands of NBA basketball.

It may forever remain a pipe dream for Buss and all NBA fans around the world, but never say never. Bryant may wake up one day and feel like getting a magical dime from James and sinking the smooth jump shot that became legendary inside Staples Center.