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Lakers owner Jeanie Buss says she has no plans to vacation, could be part of free agency pitches

Jeanie Buss

The Los Angeles Lakers are angling for a top free agent this summer, and team owner Jeanie Buss seems to be intent on having a hands-on approach in monitoring how the franchise will go far in the market.

According to Bill Oram of The Athletic, Buss insinuated that she plans to pay close attention to what the Lakers have in store in trying to recruit top free agents – perhaps even being present during meetings with the players.

Jeanie Buss deferred on questions about free agency but when asked if she would be part of any pitch meetings, she said she doesn’t have any plans to go on vacation.

The Lakers have the ability to create enough salary cap space to accommodate two max players. They have their eye on superstars LeBron James and Paul George, though, the level of possibility of the two going to Los Angeles has been wildly varied based on rumors and reports that trickle in on an almost daily basis.

It’s been a while since the Lakers last had any semblance of success in the NBA. They have missed the NBA playoffs every year since 2013, and since then, they have not won more than 35 games in a season. But if they could lure someone like James or George to Los Angeles, it’s going to signal the return of the Lakers to being a legitimate playoff contender at the very least.

NBA free agency gets underway on July 1 with the Lakers potentially busier than any team in the league.