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Lakers’ Josh Hart wastes no time roasting LeBron James’ workout photo on Instagram

Josh Hart, lebron james

One member of the Los Angeles Lakers’ young core wasted no time making fun of their new superstar addition, clowning LeBron James for a photo of himself in a Lakers practice jersey.

It was none other than Josh Hart taking his first shot at King James through Instagram.

“Why it look like he got a skirt on?,” Hart commented on the Lakers’ post.

James is known to tie up the top of his practice shirt to give him further freedom in the shoulders area, but that and the oversized length of the jersey further makes it look like a skirt.

LeBron won’t be short of comical tirades with this young team, as the likes of Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Hart are bound to make plenty of jokes throughout the season, some in which he is involved.

The Lakers will have a feel-out period for this upcoming season until the organization can reel in another big name to play alongside James, putting their championship aspirations closer on the horizon, despite a loaded West.