Bennedict Mathurin walked the talk on Monday against the Los Angeles Lakers. In return, it was LeBron James who received the heavy trolling after the Indiana Pacers rookie outshined him.

For those not in the know, Mathurin went viral before the season started when he said that he doesn't think anybody is better than him–even LeBron. He went on to issue a stern challenge to the Lakers star, saying that “He’s going to have to show me he’s better than me.”

In the first meeting between the Pacers and Lakers, though, the two had quite the battle. In the end, however, Mathurin had the better stats with his 23 points, eight rebounds and one assist to finish +7 on the plus-minus box score. In contrast, LeBron was -7 as he recorded 21 points, seven rebounds and three dimes in the 116-115 loss.

It wouldn't have matter had the Lakers won, but they allowed an Andrew Nembhard buzzer-beater to spoil the night and give the Pacers the victory.

Naturally, the whole NBA Twitter reminded LeBron of Mathurin's challenge after the contest.

That doesn't really mean that Bennedict Mathurin is better than LeBron James overall, but hey at least on Monday night, that's the case.

“Bennedict Mathurin is better than you by the way [King James],” one fan tweeted.

Another Twitter user said, “LeBron James got called out by a 20 year old rookie. That rookie went into LeBron's house, outplayed him, and got the win on the second night of a back to back. Bennedict Mathurin is that dude.”

Sure enough, credit should be given to the Pacers rookie. It would have been better had he been the one to maker the buzzer-beater, but at the end of the day, what matters is they got the W.