Following Los Angeles Lakers practice on Thursday, LeBron James elaborated on his tweet criticizing Washington Wizards announcer Glenn Consor for his inexcusable call of Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr.’s game-winning shot.

As you likely know by now, the 21-year old drilled a sweet step-back triple to deliver Houston a win in D.C. on Wednesday. Consor — a veteran play-by-play announcer deeply familiar with the history of the Wizards and Bullets — said this:

“Kevin Porter Jr., like his dad, pulled that trigger right at the right time.”

Porter’s father was a man named Brian Kevin Porter Sr., who was fatally shot in 2004. In 1993, Porter Sr. pleaded guilty to manslaughter for a shooting that took the life of a teenage girl.

In his attempt to offer an apology and explanation, Consor said he thought Porter Jr. was the son of Kevin Porter, who played for the Bullets in the 1970s and 1980s.

On Thursday, LeBron offered lengthy and passionate remarks on Consor’s “slip-up.” Here are some excerpts of LeBron’s comments, though I would highly encourage you to watch his full remarks for proper context.

“I stand by my tweet and I stand by everything I said … If I am a play-by-play announcer and I’m covering my local team — in his case, he’s covering the Wizards, so he remembers the Kevin Porter who used to play for the Bullets, correct? — the first thing I would’ve done, I would’ve said, ‘Oh, Kevin Porter Jr. is coming into town, let me see if that’s his son.’

I watched the whole game, not at one point did he ever reference who he thought was Kevin Porter Sr. at any point…I would’ve looked at Kevin Porter Jr. and said, ‘Oh, let me see if this is his dad that played for the Bullets in the 70s.’

What he said — no matter if he thought that was his dad or not — was so insensitive, and the words he used — we know the words that he used, I don’t want even want to repeat it — is not even something that should ever be said.”

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LeBron told the story about when he first learned of Isaiah Thomas while Thomas was in college and wondered if he was related to Detroit Pistons great Isiah Thomas, so he googled it. He said he did the same for young football stars Patrick Surtain Jr., Asante Samuel Jr., and Marvin Harrison Jr., and NBA journeyman Mike James, who shares a name with the former Toronto Raptors guard.

James was also asked about this Kevin Love tweet:

“We gonna continue to protect our players…They said he’s supposed to be a very smart guy, right?… If you’re a very smart guy, I believe you should be able to do your homework on situations. … The kid, Kevin Porter Jr., has already been placed with the label in this league … that sentence that he used, no matter if he knew if that was his dad or not, should have never been used in the first place. If you go and you look, and you know the history of this kid’s dad, you can’t sit here and tell me that those words — it’s just a direct correlation. … I can’t let that ride on the behalf of a kid who looks up to me. Kevin Porter Jr. looks up to me, and it’s my obligation to make sure that he knows that I have his back.”

LeBron lamented the cycle of “false narratives” surrounding NBA players and said professionals like Condor don’t always “have the right to have a slip-up.”

LeBron did not call for Consor to lose his job, as Consor is not his employee, unlike the 145 people who work at SpringHill.

“Sometimes we hear the words ‘I apologize’ and just move the hell on,” he said. “I don’t always see it that way.”