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LeBron James is the player with the largest Twitter following among his peers

Lakers, LeBron James

There is no question about how popular Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is among fans. The four-time MVP has at least 42 million followers on Twitter, making him one of the most popular athletes in social media.

His social media activities include day-to-day activities with his family, workouts in the gym, and even opinions on social and political issues. His social media presence is always guaranteed to make headlines, no matter what he does.

How popular is LeBron among his peers in the NBA? Hoopshype.com’s staff did a research and found out that he has the most followers (241) from the NBA players circle, both past and present. He is followed by Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant, with 234, while Los Angeles Lakers legend and future Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant ranks third with 222.

Rounding up HoopsHype’s top 10 is Phoenix Suns’ Jamal Crawford (206), Washington Wizards’ John Wall (169), Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade (154), Warriors’ Steph Curry (153), Houston Rockets and NBA Players Association President Chris Paul (151), Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook (151), and Boston Celtics’ Kyrie Irving (147).

Now this might come as just simple news to most people, but it is important to note that NBA players actually care about where their peers stand in terms of social and political issues, especially for a guy like LeBron James. His opinion regarding such matters are important to his peers, because they see him as a social media influencer, meaning whatever he posts on Twitter and Instagram can greatly affect the point of views of the masses.