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LeBron James-Lakers mural in LA painted white by original artist due to vandalism

LeBron James

The mural of Lakers-LeBron James in Los Angeles was painted white, and although it may look like another instance of vandalism, this time it was not. The original artist painted over the mural because of repeated acts of—you guessed it—vandalism.

The Los Angeles faithful are thrilled to have the best player in the world playing for the Lakers, but there are still some fans that aren’t happy about King James’ signing. It’s almost inexplicable that Laker fans wouldn’t want James, but at least some are not happy with the move, likely stemming back to the Kobe Bryant-LeBron James debate during Kobe’s playing days.

After James’ signing, the mural of LeBron in a Lakers jersey promptly went up, but it was vandalized nearly soon after. The artist, Jonas Never, decided to paint over it to avoid any future vandalism. He mentions that he isn’t sure if it was done by LeBron haters, Lakers haters, Kobe fans, or just someone looking for attention. He even mentions that he painted a mural of Bryant in the past, so Kobe fans should have no reason to be mad.

In all likelihood, the mural was vandalized by someone seeking attention and looking for trouble. It’s unfortunate because Never is clearly an exceptionally talented artist who just wants to showcase his Laker fandom through his artwork.

Hopefully, as time goes by and LeBron becomes entrenched in Los Angeles, Never will be able to paint another mural of James without having to worry about possible vandalism.